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Karrine D is caught and arrested by the Ladies in Pink for a $50,000 warrant.

Teresa arrests Norma B on a $400,000 warrant for selling and transporting meth.

The Lipstick Bounty Hunters track down and arrest Steven T with a $10,000 warrant.

Our Bounty Hunters visit a trailer park in Compton to arrest Diana Jorquez for theft and traffic warrants.

The Ladies in Pink arrest a drunk with $55,000 in warrants

The Lipstick Justice crew captures fugtive Bradlee Shores.

The Lipstick Bounty Hunters arrest a fugitive in a night club who is accused of 40+ counts of Burglary and Fraud.

Teresa and Lisa Golt of Lipstick Bounty Hunters TAZE a naked man on drugs.

A film crew from Amsterdam comes to the United States to follow the Ladies in Pink

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